Assign customer accounts

In this activity, you assign the respective customer accounts to the symbolic accounts required for posting personal customer accounts (account assignment type D) or fixed customers (account assignment type DF).

The final account assignment for payables and expenses accounts is normally determined directly from the symbolic account assignment by means of automatic account determination. Symbolic accounting for sub-ledger accounts only determines a unified account group. Depending on their contents or also due to tradition, these account groups can be assigned to the customer or vendor area.


Individual customers can be used for the following purposes:


1. The customer accounts should have been created in FI.
2. To define a posting to personal customer accounts (account assignment type D), you must have maintained the personnel number in one of the following fields in customer master data:
Field name in FI Account key in HR
Personnel number 0002
Search term 0001
Telephone 2 0003
Data line 0004
Teletex number 0005
For account determination when posting to personal customer accounts, you should use the field Personnel number of customer master data. If you do not use the field Personnel number, you must enter leading zeros when maintaining the personnel number in customer master data.
3. In the step 'Define symbolic accounts', you will find symbolic accounts with account assignment types D or DF. If you want to assign customer accounts according to employee groups, you must flag the indicator EG.


1. Specify the chart of accounts.
2. Set up the posting rules for posting transaction Postings to customer accounts (HRD):
3. Specify the posting keys to be used for postings to customers.
4. Set up the account assignment for transaction HRD:
a) To assign a fixed customer (account assignment DF), choose the appropriate account.
b) To assign personal customer accounts, instead of specifying an account number for each symbolic account or for each employee grouping, specify one of the account keys listed under


as follows: *<key>.

Further notes

It is not possible to use the special G/L indicator in postings to accounting.