Technical Requirements

External Systems

External systems must support TCP/IP.

The RFCSDK for the respective platforms contains the following libraries and includes:

  • saprfc.h

This include file contains all data types and structures required and the prototypes (declarations) of the RFC calls.

  • sapitab.h

This include file contains all the RFC calls required to manipulate internal


  • librfc

Depending on the platform, the following libraries are required:



librfc.dll and librfc.lib for Compile/Link


Windows 3.1/3.11:

librfc16.dll, librfc2.dll, librfc3.dll, librfc4.dll


and librfc5.dll and librfc16.lib for Compile/Link


Windows NT/95:

librfc32.dll and librfc32.lib for Compile/Link




SAP R/3 Systems

For RFC between external systems and R/3, there are no specific requirements in the R/3 System, except that the R/3 System has to be at least Release 2.1.

Contrary to this, RFC between SAP R/2 in an IBM environment and SAP R/3 or external systems requires an SAP gateway to run on a machine that supports the SNA LU6.2 protocol for the IBM host. The SNA product must also be installed on this machine, and the SAP gateway must be operable with this product. This is necessary, because some SNA products are not compatible on the same machines.

The following SNA products are currently supported:

SAP R/2 Systems