RFC Between External Programs

With the RFC API SAP provides an interface for communications with external systems using the same internal function calls in SAP Systems. For a local test (outside SAP Systems), you can write both RFC client and server programs as external programs and you can let these programs communicate with each other via an SAP gateway.

In this case, an RFC server program can only be started by an SAP gateway, or it can use the registering feature described in Registering Feature.

An RFC client program can work either with a local sideinfo or with the saprfc.ini file.

The sample programs srfctest.c and srfcserv.c which are delivered in the RFC SDK can be used for this local test if you have an SAP gateway running in your test environment.

The following sections describe how the parameters in these files should be set:

Using A Local sideinfo File

Using the saprfc.ini File