Displaying Documents from the Archive (FI)

You can display individual documents from the archive using the line item display function in the General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, or Accounts Payable menus.

However, you can only display line items from an account if the secondary index is still available in the system. Whether or not the secondary index still exists will depend on the length of its index life. For more information, see Index Life in Financial Accounting (FI)

You can access documents in an archive file from the line items, but you can only access documents that are still in the archive index. You must create this index when writing the archive. For more information on the archive index, see Extended Function Library Applications in the documentation for the Archive Development Kit. This documentation is available in the R/3 Library under Basis ® ABAP/4 Development Workbench.

If you have not maintained the archive index for a while, you can reconstruct it by running the SAPF048S program, entering FI_DOCUMNT as the archiving object. Similarly, if you have deleted parts of this index, you can recreate it or add new entries to it.

To learn more about removing or constructing indexes, refer to Starting the Index Removal Program for Documents (FI) and Starting the Index Construction Program for Documents (FI)

In order to display line items, you will need to make the following settings:

For more information, see Customizing Delete Program Settings.

For more information, see Index Life in Financial Accounting (FI).

To grant users authorization for these functions, from the General Ledger Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable menu, choose Environment ® User parameters ® Editing options followed by Goto ® Document display. Choose a suitable archive search strategy. If you set the indicator Query before archive search, the system will display a dialog box asking you to confirm that you wish to search the archive. If you do not set this indicator, no such prompt will appear.