Programs for Evaluating Documents (FI)

Evaluation programs allow different types of evaluation for selected archives, using additional selection criteria where necessary. Some of these programs also take the type of database into consideration.

Archived data can also be evaluated by standard evaluation programs like RFBELJ00 (for creating the compact journal) and RFEPOJ00 (for creating the line item journal).

If you need to evaluate archived data, you can use one of R/3’s standard evaluation programs, SAPF048C, or you can copy the program and modify it to suit your needs. Using this program, you can generate a list of all documents contained in an archive file. In addition to an archive, you can also include the SAP database in the evaluation process.

Important Programs for Evaluating Documents

Program name



Compact journal


Line item journal


Standard evaluation program for Financial Accounting archive files


Evaluation program for Financial Accounting archive files as reference copy


Document list via document data base or document archive


Extract for Accumulated Open Item Balance Audit Trail


Extract for the Accumulated Historical Balance Audit Trail