Account Life in Financial Accounting (FI)

You can define the minimum life documents remain in the system by company code, account type, and account number interval. When you archive documents, the system selects only those documents that have exceeded this minimum life. For documents with cleared items, the system calculates the minimum life starting from the clearing date of the individual line items. For all other documents, calculation starts from the document posting date. The system checks which documents are to be archived on the key date you enter when executing the archiving program.

If the minimum life is the same for several company codes, you can enter an asterisk (*) in the company code column. If this is not the case, enter the appropriate company code. The system always uses the more detailed entry.

Entries using "*" are of course less specific than those where a particular account type or company code are specified. To determine the account type life, the system always uses the most detailed entry for account type. Note, however, that if you specify a company code but make a generic entry (*) for document type, or you specify a document type but make a generic entry for company code, both entries are equally unspecific. In this situation (shown in the example below) the system uses the entry with the maximum number of days.


Company code

Account type

Life (in days)








If a minimum life has not been specified for an account type or for specific accounts, the system uses a default of 9999 days. This applies to customer, vendor, and G/L accounts as well as assets and materials accounts.

The system requires you to enter G/L account numbers. This means that if you enter a number range for D or K account types (customer or vendor), you will need to use the numbers of the corresponding reconciliation accounts.

You define the minimum life of documents per account type or per account if every account of a certain account type or certain accounts in general are of interest to you.

You can also define secondary index and archive index lives for accounts. For further information on this topic, refer to Index Life in Financial Accounting (FI).

You define account lives, secondary index and archive index lives in the Implementation Guide under Financial Accounting Global Settings ® Document ® Accounting Document Archiving ® Define account type life.