Starting the Delete Program (FI)

The delete program starts automatically when archive files are created if:

Sometimes circumstances require you to start the delete program manually.

You create an archive file and start the archiving program. The data records are written to the archive files, but the system terminates processing before the delete program runs. If this happens, you need to delete the archived data manually.

To start the delete program manually:

  1. In Customizing for archiving, maintain variants for the delete program.
  2. From the G/L, Accounts Payable or Accounts Receivable menus, access archive management by choosing Periodic processing ® Archiving ® <Archiving object> ® Management and then choosing the Delete function.
  3. Enter the name of the archive file to be deleted and maintain the start date and spool parameters.

If the delete program is not run, the data remains in the database. This means that if you do not run the delete program, then when you archive, copies of files are created from the database, without data being deleted from it.