Reloading an Archive File (FI)

Using Reload, you can reload certain archived data into the database.

The following Financial Accounting (FI) objects can be reloaded:

Archive files can be reloaded into R/3, either in full or in part. In either case, they are noted by the system as reloaded. Objects that are not reloaded are written to a new archive file.

You access the Reload function in Archive Management. Access Archive Management by choosing:

To determine if the file exists, access archive management as described above. From the Archive Management: Initial Screen choose Management to display an overview of archiving sessions. The system displays the management information for an archive object in list form from which you can:

You can also store notes on archive files.

For more detailed information, see the Extended Function Library and System Administration Guide. This documentation can be found in the R/3 library under Basis ® ABAP/4 Development Workbench.

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