Reloading Check Data (FI)

The quantity of check data that is reloaded into the system will depend on the entries you make for company code, local bank, account number, and check lot.

If you wish to reload payroll checks only, choose Payroll accounting checks. Otherwise, the system reloads the checks from Financial Accounting.

In check lot management, you can view information on the archiving of a check lot. To display this information:

  1. From Customizing, choose Financial Accounting ® Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable ® Business Transactions ® Outgoing Payments ® Automatic Outgoing Payments ® Payment media ® Check Management ® Define number ranges for checks.
  2. Choose Goto ® Archive information.

Individual check lots are indicated as Partially archived or Archived as appropriate. A check lot is indicated as Archived if the system has written all the checks to the archive file and deleted them from the database. A check lot is indicated as Partially archived if some checks remain in the system after the delete program is run. The system assigns the indicator to the check lot when checks have been deleted for the first time after an archive run, and it updates the indicator with each additional deletion or reload.