The FLC-OBJEKT Archiving Object (FI-LC)


The archiving object is used to archive the totals records and journal entries in application component Consolidation (FI-LC).


When you call up Archiving Management in the Consolidation application menu, the default FLC-OBJEKT automatically appears and you do not have to enter the object's name. When the program is called up from another application, you must enter the name of the archiving object.

You can use the archiving object FLC-OBJEKT to archive and delete journal entries as needed. For instance, if your database contains a large number of journal entries, you can archive these data records in regular intervals. If your system has enough storage space, you should only need to archive the records once every fiscal year.

Furthermore, you can use the archiving object to restore archived data back into the system for further evaluation.

The fiscal year is part of the totals record key. Therefore, you can not archive totals records that belong to the current fiscal year. For example, if you were to archive a totals record in the month of May, and you were to post new entries in June, a new totals record would be created. In lieu of the already archived totals record, this would create inconsistencies.