Application Customizing (FI-LC)


In addition to maintaining the Customizing settings for the archiving object FLC-OBJEKT (see Customizing for the FLC-OBJEKT Archiving Object (FI-LC)), you can, if needed, define report groups for the archive reports in Consolidation Customizing. You can use these report groups to evaluate archived data and/or database data.


If you want to generate reports with the ability to evaluate archived data and/or database data, you must specify which report groups need to be executed for creating such archiving reports. You can use any report groups that you created in the Reporting component, plus the reports groups in library 4LC supplied by SAP.

For more information regarding the execution of archiving reports, see Executing Archive Reports (FI-LC).


You can run the functions described here in the Implementation Guide for Consolidation:

Information System ® Report Writer ® Determine report groups for archiving reports