Archiving Log (FI-LC)

In Consolidation, you can choose between a standard log and an extended log.

Standard Log

The standard log created for each archiving session or archive file lists the number of archiving objects for each archive by table name. For more information, see The Standard Log).

Extended Log

The extended log contains the information from the standard log plus statistics on the number of records found for each Customizing combination that meets the selection criteria you entered. It lists the totals and actual and plan journal entry tables as well as the number of records found in the tables for each Customizing combination.

The extended log also contains information on the number of records found for the ledger you use in the selection criteria.

When counting the number of Customizing records, the system uses an algorithm which is different to the one used during the archiving session. You should check the results of the extended log against the final result of the archiving session for discrepancies. Any discrepancies could indicate inconsistencies.