The FI_SL_DATA Archiving Object (FI-SL)


Archiving object used to archive summary and/or line-item records in the Special Purpose Ledger (FI-SL) application component.


When you call archive management from the Special Purpose Ledger screen, FI_SL_DATA is set as the default so you do not need to enter it. If you access archive management from elsewhere in the system, you need to enter the name of the archiving object.

You can use the FI_SL_DATA archiving object to archive and delete line-item records according to your own specific requirements. For example, if your database contains a large number of line-item records, you can archive these records regularly. If your system has enough storage space, you can archive the line-item records only once per fiscal year.

You also use the FI_SL_DATA archiving object to reload archived data into your system and evaluate archived data.

You must not archive summary records during a fiscal year because the year is part of the key of a summary record. If, for example, you were to archive a summary record in May and then make new system postings in June, a new summary record would be created. This would lead to inconsistencies with the summary record that has already been archived.