Deleting Archived Data (FI-SL)

Archived data is normally automatically deleted by the system. However, it might be necessary to start the delete program manually.

You create an archive file and run the archiving program. The data records are copied into the archive files, but the system cancels processing while running the delete program. In this case, you would need to delete the archived data in a separate step.


1. On the SAP R/3 System screen, choose Accounting ® Financial accounting ® Spec. Purpose Ledger ® Periodic processing, then Archiving ® Delete archive.

The Archive Management: Execute Delete Program screen appears. On this screen, you schedule the background job for the delete program.

2. Choose Goto ® Customizing to maintain the variants for the test and production runs of the delete program.

3. If you want to start the delete program in test mode, select Test run.

In test mode, data records are not deleted from the database.

4. Choose Archive selection.

The system displays a list of files containing data that has already been archived for the archiving object.

Select the archive files that you want to delete from your database.

5. Enter the start date for the delete program and save your entries.

You return to the previous screen.

6. Enter the spool parameter information for the delete program.

7. Once you have selected the archived files and maintained the start date and spool parameters, choose Create job to start the delete program.