Archiving Funds Management (FI-FM) Line Items


The archiving object for Funds Management (FI-FM) line items is FM_BELEG. Totals records cannot be archived.


For each transction where an FM account assignment is involved, the system automatically stores a document in the form of an FM line item.


The FM_BELEG archiving object contains one segment, called FCABP. This segment is archived.

The following functions are available for FM_BELEG:


Report Program



This program creates archive files and writes data to them. It does not delete the data from the database.

Deleting Data


The basis for the delete program is always the archive data already created.
You can specify in Customizing for archiving objects whether archive files are to be automatically passed to an archive system using ArchiveLink after successful processing.

The version of the Funds Management component that we deliver is configured so that deletion is not automatically triggered when archiving is complete. You must start the deletion program manually. See below for details.


The Management function displays object-specific management information as a list that you can analyze. You have the following options:

- Determine or specify the location of the archive files

- Pass archive files to or get archive files from an archive system using ArchiveLink

- Make notes for archive files

- Set the management data delete flag

- Check the status of archive files (index, storage, and so on)