Archiving Documents in Funds Management (FI-FM)


First, read Archiving Procedure.


  1. Start transaction SARA. This brings you to the initial Archive Management screen.
  2. Enter the name of the archiving object (FM_BELEG for Funds Management) and choose Archive.
    The system displays the Archive Management: Create Archive Files screen.
  3. Enter a variant name and choose Maintain.
  4. Maintain your variants by entering the following selection criteria:
  5. - Fiscal year/period
    The system only archives documents posted during the time period you specify.

    - Minimum number of days in the system

    The system uses the date the document was entered in the system to determine whether the minimum number of days you specify here has been exceeded. If so, the document can be archived.

    - Document type
    Down payment
    The system uses these selection criteria to determine which documents should be archived.

  6. Enter the appropriate selection criteria and, if necessary, activate these program parameters:
  7. - Test run

    If you set the Test run indicator for the archiving program, the system merely simulates archiving. No archive files are written and no data is deleted from the database.

    - Detail log

    The detail log records information on each archive object.

  8. Choose Variant attributes.
  9. Maintain the variant and field attributes.

    For more information on creating variants, go to the R/3 library and choose Working with R/3 ® Getting Started with R/3 ® Working with Reports ® Creating Variants.

  10. Choose Save to save your variant. Return to the Create Archive Files screen.
  11. Maintain the Start date and the Spool parameters for the archiving session.
  12. Choose Create job.

Choose Job overview to display the status of the jobs you have created.

When all the archiving conditions have been met, the system writes the documents to archive files.

If you specified in Customizing that archived data should be transferred automatically to optical storage, the archive file is deleted after the data is transferred.