SAPconnect: Authorizations

The SAPconnect administrator requires particular authorizations. These are checked via the basis authorization objects S_TABU_DIS (with authorization group SCOM).

Authorizations for RFC Users

External nodes log on to the R/3 system as an RFC user.

For this SAPconnect RFC user, the authorizations are contained in the profile S_A.SCON. The RFC user is a CPIC user. The profile is made up of the following authorizations:

Authorization object


Field values



Range of the permitted number of recipients: *

Permitted methods of communication: *



Program name: SAPLSWT1

Activity: 034

Physical file name: *



Activity: 016

Name of the RFC object to be protected: SX02

Type of the RFC object to be protected: FUGR


Authorizations for SAPconnect administrators

An administrator profile with transaction authorizations must be assigned to the SAPconnect administrator :

You create the SAPconnect administrator profile using the profile generator (see documentation about BC users and authorizations).