Scheduling Transmission Processes in the Background


A transmission process should be scheduled periodically, although the period should not be too short. Performance can therefore be optimized because the RFC connection can be used multiple times (e.g. every 5 minutes during busy message periods and every 15 minutes for quiet message periods). During busy message periods, the SAPconnect transmission processes should be distributed across various R/3 application servers or all assigned to one dedicated R/3 application server.


For production operation, you should schedule the intervals for starting transmission processes.

  1. Select Tools ® Administration ® Administration ® Process technology ® Communication ® SAPconnect
    The SAPconnect administration screen is displayed.
  2. Select Goto ® Schedule job
  3. Enter the job name.
  4. Select an existing variant or create a new variant and select Scheduling ® Schedule
  5. Schedule the transmission process to run once or several times.
  6. Define the date for execution.
  7. Save your entries.


The transmission process is executed from the specified date with the required interval.

If a document cannot be sent, the sender of the document receives an express message in their inbox.

If the trace has been activated, you can display the results of the trace by selecting Goto ® Trace