Displaying and Resending Documents with Send Errors

The administrator can display the documents, for which send errors occurred during a certain period of time. The recipients can then be informed and/or the documents resent.


You need authorization for SAPconnect administration.


  1. Call SAPconnect administration (Tools ® Administration, Administration ® Process Technology, Communication ® SAP connect).
  2. Choose Goto ® Error Handling.
  3. A screen appears in which you can limit the list of documents with send errors.
  4. Specify, via the following entries, which documents are to be displayed:
  5. – the time during which the documents were sent

    – the status codes of the documents

    The status codes 800 to 899 are preset because they signify send errors.

  6. Choose Execute.


A list of the documents with send errors is displayed.

From this list, you can:



  • Select all documents from one sender
  1. Choose Select by sender
  2. In the following dialog box, enter the name of the sender of the documents with send errors you want to display and confirm.
  3. The documents sent by the person specified are selected in the list.
  • Resend documents

Select the documents you want to resend and choose Repeat send.

  • Inform the sender of the documents with send errors.
  1. Choose Inform sender.
  2. A send screen is displayed in which a sender of the previously listed documents with send errors is entered as recipient.
  3. Write a note and choose Send.
  4. If you want to inform more than one sender, repeat the function.