Late Archiving Using Bar Codes (SD)

The following steps describe a typical late archiving scenario using bar codes.

  1. An incoming document is received in the mailroom. A clerk affixes a ready-made bar code label to the document, recognizes it to be a complaint and forwards it to Mr. Jones in the Sales department.
  2. Working from the original document, Mr. Jones creates a complaint in the R/3 System. When processing is complete and the data confirmed, the system issues a dialog box requesting the bar code number of the original document. Mr. Jones, who usually enters the number manually, decides to scan in the number with his new bar code wand.
  3. He then forwards the original document to Mrs. Miller who is in charge of scanning documents into the system. When she has finished archiving the document, she checks it for quality and completeness. From this point, the procedure is carried out automatically.
  4. The scanning component recognizes the bar code and reports it back to the R/3 System together with the archived document ID.
  5. SAP ArchiveLink assigns the archived document to the complaint which Mr. Jones created. Mr. Jones or any other authorized employee can now access the document directly from the SD document.