Simultaneous Archiving of Incoming Original Documents (SD-CAS)

The following steps describe a typical scenario in which incoming documents are archived at the same time that a sales activity is created:

  1. Mr. Stevens has a small stack of incoming documents which require processing. He sorts them, scans them into the system with equipment at his desk, and checks the scanned documents for quality and completeness from the dialog window.
  2. He then selects the predefined setting for Sales Support in the "Simultaneous archiving" window.
  3. A variety of incoming document types are defined for Sales Support allowing Mr. Stevens to freely assign types to the documents he has archived. He assigns the incoming document type for "Customer response to a sales activity", SDIACTRESP, to one of the displayed originals.
  4. Mr. Stevens confirms the assignment and automatically branches to the business transaction specified for the incoming document type he has specified, in this case, "Create sales letter".
  5. He writes the letter, and after successfully processing it, assigns the original document to it.