Archiving Outgoing Sales Activities (SD-CAS)

The following steps describe a typical scenario in which outgoing sales activities are archived in the R/3 System:

  1. Ms. Stevens from the Sales department writes a sales letter informing a customer of a new product and offering a discount with purchase. She does this in the sales activities screen for creating a sales letter.
  2. She finishes the letter and prints it out to send it off to the customer. For later reference, she archives the document using SAP ArchiveLink.
  3. Several weeks later, Ms. Stevens receives a letter of inquiry from the customer in response to the sales letter. She calls up the archived sales letter to confirm information on the product and product price.
  4. From this information and information sent in by the customer, she creates a quotation, faxes it to the customer, and archives it using SAP ArchiveLink.