Preparation and Customizing for Incoming Original Documents (SD-CAS)

You must make several application-specific settings for late archiving using bar codes. All other functions for archiving incoming documents are controlled centrally in Customizing for SAP ArchiveLink. For further information, see the Cross Application (CA) documentation on SAP ArchiveLink.

Customizing in Sales and Distribution

Assigning Incoming Document Types

In Customizing for Sales and Distribution, you can assign incoming document types to those sales activity types which you wish to optically archive.

To assign incoming document types to sales activity types:

  1. Maintain archiving document types centrally via Tools ® Administration ® Management ® Process technology ® Optical archive ® Document types.
  2. In Customizing for Sales and Distribution, choose Data Transfer and Archiving ® Optical archiving. Select the transaction for assigning incoming document types for late archiving.
  3. Assign incoming document types to the different sales activity types.
  4. By making your assignments in the DocType - Create or DocType - Change fields, you can control whether optical archiving is activated when you create and/or change a document.

Once you have made these assignments, a dialog box appears when you create or change a sales activity of the specified type. Here, you confirm whether or not to archive that particular document.

If no incoming document type is maintained, optical archiving will not be carried out.

Setting bar code functions

You can set bar code functions in Customizing for Sales and Distribution by choosing Data transfer and archiving ® Optical archiving ® Set Bar Codes. Or you can set them centrally in SAP ArchiveLink. This procedure is described in the Basis Components documentation: Basis Services / Communication ® SAP ArchiveLink ® SAP ArchiveLink: Information for Administrators ® Presetting Archiving with Bar Codes.

Application-Specific Authorizations

There are no special archiving authorizations.