Preparation and Customizing for Outgoing Sales Activities (SD-CAS)

To archive outgoing documents, you must first carry out general Customizing functions for SAP ArchiveLink. For further information, see the Basis Components - Basis Services / Communication documentation on SAP ArchiveLink.

Customizing in Sales and Distribution

Optical archiving is controlled through output determination in Customizing for Sales and Distribution. To set the optical archiving function for outgoing sales activities:

  1. Choose Basic Functions ® Output ® Output determination ® Output proposal using the condition technique. Select the document category for which you wish to maintain output determination, for example "Sales activities".
  2. Then choose the action Maintain output types.
  3. Choose the detail screen for the relevant output type.
  4. Here, you can maintain one of the following archiving modes under the group heading Archiving:
  5. - 1: Print only

    This setting is default. With archiving mode 1 , archiving is not carried out.

    - 2: Archive only

    Set archiving mode 2 if you wish to archive documents without having to print or fax.

    - 3: Print and archive

    Set archiving mode 3 if you wish the system to carry out archiving automatically when you print, or fax, a document. Only those outgoing documents which are output by printer or fax can be stored in an optical archive.

  6. Enter an outgoing document type.
  7. Save your data.

Application-Specific Authorizations

There are no special archiving authorizations.