CALL SCREEN - Call a screen


... STARTING AT x1 y1 ... ENDING AT x2 y2


Calls the screen scr; scr is the number of a screen of the main program. You use SET SCREEN 0. or LEAVE SCREEN. to define the return from the CALL screen.


The coordinates x1, y1 (start column and start line in the window) and x2, y2 (end column and end line in the window) define the size and position of the CALL screen ("top left - bottom right"). Besides these coordinates, you can also see the contents of the primary window, but cannot perform any action there.

If "ENDING AT ..." is not specified, suitable values are substituted for x2 and y2, taking into account the size of the called screen.

DYNP_TOO_MANY_CALL_SCREENS: No further screen level (call screen); the maximum number of nested screen levels is restricted to 50 at present.