Define matchcode

In this section, you can edit and redefine the existing matchcodes for production orders.

Before you process matchcodes, please read the following sections for further information.

This section describes how matchcodes are structured in the SAP System.
This section describes how you proceed to create a matchcode in the ABAP/4 Dictionary.
This section describes the handling of matchcode utilities. The matchcode utility is used to set up matchcodes that are stored physically.

Further notes

Matchcode maintenance requires technical knowledge of the ABAP/4 Dictionary. Please leave matchcode maintenance to the system administrator.

Please note that a large number of matchcodes can affect system performance. Check which matchcodes you want to use for your work area. You can deactivate matchcodes that you do not want to use.

Matchcodes are valid for all clients.

Standard settings

The production order is delivered with the following matchcodes:


1. Check whether the matchcodes in the standard delivery are sufficient for your requirements.
2. Extend the existing matchcode objects by further matchcode ID's or create new matchcodes if necessary.