Master Data

In this section, you define the informational content of the notifications and obtain the necessary basic data for this purpose.

The basic data includes the following objects:

These partner master records must be created when the projects for the respective modules are implemented. Contact the responsible persons or departments once you have defined the required partners for the quality notifications.

A quality notification can reference one or more objects that serve as master data or transaction data in the Logistics applications. A prerequisite is that the corresponding modules in the R/3 System are active.

Notification items can reference bill of material (BOM) items ( assemblies).
(Note: in the
settings at the client level , you can store a special default value for the BOM usage.)

Depending on the origin of the notification (customer complaint, complaint against vendors, internal problem notifications), you will require different basic data and reference objects; as a result you will also need different screens. Different notification types have been defined for this purpose.