Define notification types

In this step, you define the quality notification types.

Each notification type refers to:

Very comprehensive controls are associated with the notification type. You will find several of these controls directly in the view in which you define the notification type. These controls are covered in the first activity of this step.

Several of the notification type-dependent controls are maintained in their own views. Additional information on these controls is provided in the subsequent activities for this step.

There are also other notification processing controls that are dependent on the notification type. Due to the scope of these controls, they are described in their own sections of the Implementation Guide. These controls include:

Default Settings

With the notification type, you define the use of the Q-notification. This definition is normally made on the basis of the origin of the notification:

These notification types are predefined in the standard system.


Use the notification types predefined in the standard system. If you define your own notification types, use the predefined notification types as a reference.

Above all, determine which criteria will be used to distinguish the notification types. The possible criteria might include:


1. Determine which notification types will be used in your company and define their parameters:
Also specify:
2. Define the basic data for this notification type.
a) Determine which problem criteria will be recorded and then select the appropriate catalog from the predefined catalogs and code groups in the catalog profile.
b) If you want to use class characteristics as additional problem criteria, activate the classification of the problem items.
3. You can have the system display additional entry screens when the initial screens for the quality notifications are called up. For this to occur, assign the corresponding function modules and initial screens to the notification types.
Identify the notification origins and notification types for which this is necessary. Use the examples provided or have a qualified person program your own function modules.
4. You can control the formatting of the long text in the notification screen. If desired, the system can:
5. If you use the vendor evaluation in the MM-Purchasing component and you want to use the general complaint valuation as a contribution to the quality criterion , store a default value for the nonconformity costs for each notification type.

Further notes

In the settings for the quality inspection, you can reference a notification type in the inspection type . The system uses this notification type to record defects for an inspection lot.