Define priorities

In this step, you define the priorities for the quality notifications.

You can define different priority types and assign a priority type to each quality notification type. For each priority type, you define:


Modify the parameters for the priority types after you have collected enough values based on experience.


Determine which priorities and target basic dates will be valid for the quality notification types used in your company.

1. First define the different priority types.
2. For each priority type, define its priority (rank) and basic dates.
3. Assign a suitable priority type to each quality notification type.

Further notes

The system finds the basic dates for the notification header with the help of the priority; the system automatically suggests tasks to be included in the notification header using the response profile and specifies the processing deadlines. These two scheduling functions work independently of one another.

If you choose the unit "day" for the relative start and end time of the notification, the system takes the factory calender into account. If you choose other units, for example, "hour" or "week", non-working hours are not considered.