Define shop papers, forms, print programs

In this step, you specify:

Default Settings

The standard system contains several predefined examples that you should not change.



1. Determine which shop papers are needed for the quality notifications.
a) Determine whether you need shop papers other than the ones already provided in the standard system.
b) If necessary, have a qualified person create the ABAP reports and SAPscript layout sets for these shop papers.
c) Define these shop papers in the table.
2. For each document type (notification type), specify which shop papers are available for printout and whether these shop papers should be displayed with a selection indicator.

Further notes

The same print control is also used for other applications in the R/3 System. The quality notifications are permanently assigned to the application area "N".
For reasons of general use, the term document type is used in place of the term "notification type" in this particular case.