Define response monitoring

In this step, you define the response time monitoring functions for the quality notifications. For this purpose, you must first define response profiles and service profiles. You must then assign the response profiles and service profiles to the quality notification types.

In the response profile, you define a sequence of standard tasks (based on the priority of the notification) that can be proposed in the quality notification and which must be carried out within a predefined period of time.

When the system processes a notification, it always assigns the tasks that have been selected on the basis of a response profile to the notification header.

The service profile defines the times during each work day when a quality notification is processed. You can also specify several time periods for each weekday and you can assign a separate response profile to each of these periods.



1. Define the response profiles your company needs to process the quality notifications. The field for the hierarchy level applies to the service notifications only; it serves no purpose for the quality notifications, since only one response profile can be assigned to each notification type.
2. Define valid service profiles for your company. If necessary, specify corresponding response profiles for these service profiles.
3. Identify the quality notification types for which response profiles or service profiles are to be predefined and maintain these assignments.

Further notes

The processing times defined in the service profiles are only valid for the tasks defined in these profiles that the system suggests for the notification header. The resulting processing deadlines do not depend on the basic dates that come from the notification priority.