Define parameters for QM order

In this step, you define a number of parameters for the order type that the system will use to create a QM order.

When you process a quality notification, you can create a QM order to record and settle the costs that are incurred while processing the notification. You must set the order parameters for each notification type and plant. If a business area requirement exists for a plant, you can also define a default value for the business area to which the QM order is assigned.


The Controlling (CO) module is active in the system.


Obtain advice from your CO consultant.


1. First read the instructions in the chapter Basic Settings and Environment -> Central Functions -> QM Order Types!
Make sure the required order types are available and the settings for the costing parameters have been made.
2. For each notification type and plant, assign the following parameters:
a) Order type for the QM order
(The system only proposes order types from order category 06.)
b) Business area (if required)
c) Settlement rule proposal for the QM order
You can select the following objects for the settlement rule:
1. Check the settlement of the nonconformity costs by processing a quality notification and recording costs for the notification.