Define download

In this step, you define how the quality notification data will be downloaded to subsystems.


1. Define the subsystem addresses and the file names in the subsystem.
You will need two RFC destinations (TCP/IP connections for the front-end workstation) to:
a) create the tables of R/3 DDIC structures in an MS-ACCESS database (program path to Wdpsastr.exe).
b) copy the R/3 tables to MS-ACCESS (program path to Wdpsatab.exe).
You can find these programs in the Windows GUI via the path \ps\access\. For proper operation, you will also need the remaining programs contained in this directory (for example, VBRUN300.DLL, etc.).
The system must also be able to access the RFC-DLL files (librfc2.dll, librfc3.dll, librfc4.dll, librfc5.dll, librfc6.dll, vrfc.dll); specify a corresponding PATH command.
2. Define the data structures to be transferred to the subsystem. Use the names of the system tables in which the data in the R/3 System will be prepared for downloading. Refer to the documentation for the downloading program RIACCESS to obtain the names of the R/3 tables.
a) First create the necessary download structures. Specify the RFC destination defined in step 1a).
b) Define the download RFC destination and the PC database. Specify the RFC destination defined in step 1b) and the path for the database you created. Application code 'N' applies to the quality notifications.