Define notification type

In this step, you process the quality notification types that will be used with the defects recording function.

The chapter Notification Creation describes how to define the notification types . This chapter also contains detailed instructions on how to make the settings for all of the notification type-dependent controls.

In the section 'Notification Types' (chapter Defects Recording), carry out the following steps:


You have processed the chapter 'Notifications':

Standard settings

Notification types suitable for different inspection lot origins and inspection types have already been set up in the standard system.



1. Check the notification types that will be used for defects recording.
a) Identify the notification types that will be used for defects recording (if you have not already defined the notification types, define them now).
b) Check the catalog profiles as well as the catalogs and code groups contained in the profiles.
c) Check the basic data for each notification type; that is, the catalogs chosen from the catalog profile for each notification type.
2. To be able to valuate the defects quantitatively, assign units of measurement to the appropriate catalog profiles.
3. Assign an appropriate notification type to all inspection types with which you intend to record defects.

Further notes