Define confirmation profile

In this step, you define confirmation profiles for defects recording.

In the confirmation profile, you specify which fields will appear in the screens for defects recording and whether the user must enter data in these fields. The confirmation profile essentially mirrors the various recording forms used by the inspectors in the work centers.

With the help of the fields in the confirmation profile, you can include a variety of defect data in the defect record (for example, defect type and defect cause). You can:



Define the confirmation profiles after you have defined the report categories . It may be advisable to define a separate confirmation profile for each report category.


1. Determine which report categories are required in your company and what information should be contained in the defect records that will be created on the basis of these report categories.
(The fields in the confirmation profile must be compatible with the catalog profile and the selection made for the notification type in the basic data.)
2. Define the corresponding confirmation profiles.

Further notes

In the report category , you link the confirmation profile to the catalog profile.