Quality Notifications

This chapter contains instructions on how to use the quality notifications and functions for defects recording.

In the course of processing problems and initiating corrective actions, the quality notification (or Q-notification) supports you in a number of tasks. These tasks include:

While you can use the quality notifications independently of the other functions in the QM application component you can also create quality notifications using these other functions (for example, when you record defects for an inspection lot).

The defects recording function is a supplementary feature of the Q-notification. It provides a quick and simple means of recording the defects that are encountered during quality inspections. Once you have recorded the defect data, you can process this data further in the form of quality notifications.

You can use the defects recording function to document the following defect criteria:


In addition to notification category 02 used by the QM component for quality notifications, the system also supports notification category 01 for plant maintenance notifications and category 03 for service notifications. While the Q-notification can be used universally, the maintenance notification is only used to initiate and document maintenance tasks. The service notification is used to document the service processing activities in the area of customer service. You make the system settings for the three notification categories in common tables (that is, you will also find entries for other notification categories in these tables).