Defects Recording

In this section, you make the necessary preparations to use the defects recording function.

From a technical standpoint, the defects recording function provides a quick means of recording quality notification items using entry lists; the recorded defects can be processed in the form of quality notifications.
A quality notification that is created while recording defects for an inspection lot receives the status 'Defect record'; when you make the usage decision for the inspection lot, it automatically receives the status 'Completed.' You can delete the status 'Defect record' and still process the notification once the usage decision has been made, provided you carry out one of the following steps:

For this reason, you must first define the quality notification types that are suitable for defects recording.

Defects are confirmed during inspections and recorded for specific inspection lots. You must therefore assign a suitable quality notification type to each inspection type for which defects are to be recorded.

Depending on how you want to use defect data, you may need different structures for the defect records. For this purpose, you need to define corresponding confirmation profiles.

In addition to the inspection type, you can also group the defect data together on the basis of other criteria. For this purpose, you must define corresponding report categories for these criteria.