TMS Concepts

The Transport Management System is designed for use by the transport administrator. Whereas the Workbench Organizer supports the developer in the software development process until a change request has been released, the Transport Management System supports the administrator when importing the request into the target system. The TMS therefore complements the Workbench Organizer.

All the R/3 Systems to be administered together with TMS are components of a transport domain. Within a transport domain, certain system settings are identical for all R/3 Systems, such as the transport routes. In order to implement this, one R/3 System of the transport domain has the reference configuration, whereas all the other R/3 Systems of the transport domain have copies of this reference configuration. The R/3 System with the reference configuration is called the transport domain controller.

Usually all the R/3 Systems in a transport domain have a common transport directory. There are situations, however, in which this cannot be implemented, for example because

As of Release 3.1H, TMS supports several transport directories within a transport domain in that the R/3 Systems with a common transport directory each form a transport group.