Transport Strategy

The Transport Management System provides you with a number of functions with which you can perform transports as required by SAP. You will get optimum use of the TMS if you adhere to the transport strategy recommended by SAP when planning and designing your system landscape.

The SAP transport strategy provides the following:

Change requests are transported along predefined consolidation and delivery routes (see: Configuring Transport Routes).

Import all change requests that were exported from the development system. In this way, you can ensure that no import errors occur due to missing objects.

Import all change requests into the target system in the order in which they were exported. This ensures that an "older" version of an object is not overwritten by a newer version of this object.

Only import change requests before other requests before it in the import queue in special cases.

Change requests which were imported in advance with TMS are imported again in the correct order in a later "normal" import.

Avoid deleting change requests from the import queue, in particular from the import queue of the production system.

If a change request contains incorrect objects, these errors must be corrected in the development system. The change request with the corrected objects must be imported together with the incorrect request.

You can find further information in the R/3 library under Basis Components ® ABAP Workbench ® Change and Transport Organizer.