Checking RFC Connections


All R/3 Systems in a transport domain are connected to each other by RFC connections. You can check these RFC connections in the TMS system overview.


To check the RFC connection for an R/3 System, proceed as


  1. In the system overview, position the cursor on the R/3 System for which you would like to check the connection.
  2. Choose R/3 System ® Check ® Connection test.

If the RFC connection is established, the message Connection to system <SID> (host <host>) ok is displayed.

The connection test can also be performed for locked systems. You can therefore check whether a system can be unlocked again.

To check all RFC connections, choose Monitor ® RFC connections in the initial screen of the TMS.

A connection test is performed for all active R/3 Systems in the transport domain. The status bar indicates for which R/3 System the connection is being checked.


The result list displays the following information for each R/3 System:

The connection status can have two states:

To display detailed information on the connection status, click on the status field for an R/3 System.

The connection test is always performed in both directions. It also includes checking to see whether the R/3 System on which the connection test is performed can be reached by the other systems in the transport domain.

If there are connection problems with R/3 Systems with several application servers, you can change the server configured for TMS (see: Special Features of Systems with Several Application Servers).