Checking Transport Groups


When the transport groups are checked, the system tests whether all R/3 Systems within a transport group have the same transport directory. It also checks whether R/3 Systems in different transport groups access different transport directories.


To check the transport groups, proceed as follows:

1. Check the transport directories of all R/3 Systems in the transport domain (see: Checking the Transport Directory ).

2. Choose Goto ® Transport groups.

The check involves creating test files on all R/3 Systems in the transport domain. A check is then performed on all systems to see which of these test files are readable. The result is compared with the configuration of the transport domain.

If the check for the transport groups shows that the systems are incorrectly assigned to the groups, you must adapt the TMS configuration (see: Changing the Configuration of an R/3 System ). Then repeat this check.


The test result is output in the form of a matrix. The symbols used mean the following: