Performing Transports

After a change request has been released with the Workbench Organizer or Customizing Organizer, the objects in the request are exported from the database and placed in the transport directory. At the same time, the change request is marked for import into the target system by being placed in the import queue of the target system. After the export log has been checked, the developer's or project manager's work is initially finished.

The subsequent import into the target system is generally performed by the transport administrator. The import overview (STMS ® Overview ® Imports) provides you with the following information on all R/3 Systems in the transport domain:

For performance reasons, the data required for this is only read from the transport directory the first time the TMS is called. After that, information buffered in the database is always shown. The time stamp in the import overview indicates the status of the information shown. To refresh the buffered information, choose Edit ® Refresh.