Performing Preliminary Imports


During normal imports, all change requests are imported that are marked in the import queue. In exceptional cases, however, it may be necessary to import an individual change request.


To import an individual change request, proceed as follows:

  1. Call transaction STMS.
  2. Choose Overview ® Imports
  3. This takes you to the import overview.

  4. Position the cursor on the R/3 System into which the request is to be imported.
  5. Choose Import queue ® Display.
  6. This takes you to the import queue of the selected R/3 System.

  7. Position the cursor on the request that is to be imported.
  8. Choose Request ® Import.
  9. Confirm the information about the risks of preliminary imports.
  10. The Import Transport Request dialog box appears, in which you can specify the target client into which the request should be imported.

    You can also set other options for the import using the Expert Mode.

  11. Choose Start import and confirm the prompt.

To minimize the risks associated with preliminary imports, the request remains in the import queue after the import and is imported again in the correct order the next time the entire import queue is imported. It is therefore referred to as a "preliminary import".

The TMS function "preliminary imports" also allows you to import client transports. To do this, refer to the chapter Client Transports. Remember that you have to delete these transport requests from the import queue after they have been imported (see: Deleting a Change Request from the Import Queue).