Displaying the tp System Log


The transport control program tp logs all calls and errors in the tp system log. The system log is stored in the log file SLOG in the transport subdirectory log for each R/3 System.


To display the tp system log for an R/3 System, proceed as follows:

  1. Call transaction STMS.
  2. Choose Overview ® Imports.
  3. This takes you to the import overview.

  4. Position the cursor on the R/3 System whose system log you want to display.
  5. Choose Goto ® TP system log.
  6. This takes you to the log file SLOG display.

  7. To refresh the log file display, choose SysLog ® Refresh.
  8. By choosing Edit ® File end, you can switch the SLOG file display to a mode indicating the new entries added since the display was last refreshed.

The structure of the SLOG file is described in the R/3 library (Basis Components ® System Administration ® Transport Control ® Transport Control Program tp ® Log Hierarchy).