Test Equipment

Test equipment (production resources+tools) can be shown in the system by using various master data types, depending on how the equipment is used:

You can find the settings for these master data types in the section Production, Basic data Production resources/tools
Depending on the master record type there are further settings for: Document master records, Material master and Equipment master records.

The PRT master record contains the usual management data found in planning master records, as well as information on status, location, and if applicable on the assignment to a group or record of production resources and tools. A link to the classification system provides the record with additional user-defined data.
The PRT master record can contain a reference to document master records. You may also directly include the document master records as test equipment in task lists. The inspector can access drawings and other types of document by using the document management interfaces of CAD systems or of the SAP ArchiveLink.
If general logistical functions are required for test equipment, for example, for procurement, inventory management or quality inspection, the material master records for the test equipment must be maintained.
If distinctions between individual items, or groups of test equipment are required, you can create batch master records in addition to the materials. If test equipment is managed in batches, you can trigger calibration inspections using deadline monitoring.
The equipment master record allows you to use the extensive functions of the Plant Maintenance (PM) application component to monitor, maintain and calibrate test equipment.

Further notes

The following functions are currently not available in the standard system. Take steps in your organization to monitor these functions:

You can check the availability of test equipment by running a report that displays the current usage of equipment in production orders.