QM in Sales and Distribution

To control the QM activities in the Sales and Distribution (SD) module, you can maintain a customer info record in QM for the following object types:

The customer info record allows you to:

In the SD data for a material, you can set a

Material status from the SD view with which you can control the release of the SD functions. Set the status for the material so it applies to all plants (dependent on the sales organization and distribution channel); the status will be effective as of a predefined date. The SD status of the material is defined in Customizing for SD
This material status from the SD view complements the material status from the MM/PP view, with which you control the release of the materials management and production functions. For this purpose, compare the information contained in the sections QM in Procurement and QM in Production.

You can include quality certificates with the delivery. Refer to the chapter Quality Certificates for additional information.