Define defect classes

In this step, you define the defect classes that will be used to valuate the defects qualitatively on the basis of the defect consequences.

These defect classes are used in the following places or for the following purposes:

For each defect class, you can specify:


Define the desired defect classes and their properties.

If you want to trigger automatic follow-up actions that are dependent on the defect class, refer to the following section of the Implementation Guide:

Additional Information

You only need the quality score default values for each defect class if you want to use a corresponding valuation procedure for the quality score of inspection lots.

In the menu option "

Settings at plant level ," define a default value for the defect class.

In the master data, the defect classes are used in the following catalogs:

The following defect classes are effective during results recording:

This depends on whether or not the entry function for the defect class is active.