Control Charts

In this section, you make the necessary preparations to use control charts.

In the Customizing application for control charts, you define:


You can only use control charts for inspections in which planned inspection characteristics are used and measured values are recorded (that is, the indicators inspect with inspection plan or material specification are set in the material master and the control indicator for measured value recording is set in the inspection characteristic).

When you plan the use of control charts, you must create sampling procedures with fixed samples. You can also use independent, multiple samples or inspection points.

Further notes

The following control chart types are supported:

You can combine a mean value chart and a standard deviation chart in a single control chart with two tracks.

You can call up and process the control chart for an inspection characteristic when you record results for an inspection characteristic.

A separate authorization object exists for the definition of the control limits. Refer to the chapter Environment, Maintain authorizations for additional information.

You must use an appropriate

valuation rule when you evaluate the characteristic values on the basis of the control limits. Refer to the chapter Quality planning, Basic data, Sampling procedures for additional information.

If the control limits are exceeded, the system creates a defect record or quality notification. Refer to the chapter Quality notifications, Defects recording for additional information.

After Release 3.0, additional graphic profiles will be implemented as central settings. Using these settings, you will be able to adjust window sizes, colors, line widths, etc. You will also be able to preset the assignment of graphic profiles to control charts.