Define SPC criteria

In this step, you define the criteria that will be used to summarize and assign the inspection results for control charts to the processes.

The SPC criteria determine whether the system will maintain separate or collective control charts for different orders, work centers, materials, manufacturers or customers.


You have defined the inspection types , inspection lot origins and task list usages for which control charts are to be used.

Standard settings

Several combinations of criteria have already been preset in the standard system. With this criteria, you can assign the control charts to the most common applications. Make sure you read the online documentation for the corresponding function modules.

The table has the delivery class G. The following name range is reserved for the user:


Make sure the criteria for the summarization of inspection results is compatible with the dynamic modification criteria that apply when the inspection plan is selected. To do this, compare the task list usages and inspection lot origins in which the control charts are used.


1. Determine which inspection types require control charts.
2. Determine which combinations of criteria are needed to collect the results for the inspection characteristics.
3. If you need certain combinations of criteria that are not contained in the standard system, have a qualified person create the corresponding function modules and store them in the table.

Further notes

The system cannot determine whether you combine the criteria logically.