Define default values for control indicators

In this step, you define control keys for the attributes of inspection characteristics.
The control key is used to propose or predefine the control indicators for the master inspection characteristics and inspection plan characteristics.
After you have specified in the control key whether or not the indicators will be predefined and whether the characteristic is quantitative or qualitative, you must define various characteristic attributes. Refer to the F1-documentation for information about the control indicators contained in the key.

Standard settings

The control keys in the standard system comprise a basic set with which most of the characteristic types in the QM module can be displayed.

SAP Recommendation


1. Determine which control indicators or characteristic attributes exist and which are important to you.
2. Determine which basic types of characteristics are commonly used in your company and how they can be displayed using these control indicators.
3. Define mnemonic short texts for these basic types.
4. Maintain the table for the control key default values.
5. Test the effect of the control keys when you record results.

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